If you support what we’re doing and want to help, please donate to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund or buy a shirt here:

…to the Trans Justice Project.

You came here for the shirts.  You came here to make your stance on racism known.  You recognize your opportunity to help in some small way.

Limited Run Shirts

Shirts are being sold and drop-shipped directly from Custom Ink.  Proceeds are directly donated to the Trans Justice Project (Tides Foundation) by Custom Ink on our behalf.  Each week, we’ll post a new Custom Ink fundraiser to minimize wait times.

The first 4 runs have presented several options for shirts.  All are by Next Level Apparel.  We will add options each week.

Fundraiser hoodie in black with the text "I don't drink beer with racists."
I don’t drink beer with racists.

Prices reflect roughly a $15 markup against Custom Ink’s base price for charitable contributions.

WEEK 1 FUNDRAISER – (6/28/20 through 7/5/20): $2,736.91 RAISED!

WEEK 2 FUNDRAISER – (7/6/20 through 7/12/20): $441.34!

WEEK 3 FUNDRAISER – (7/22/20 through 7/29/20): $366.05

WEEK 4 FUNDRAISER – (7/30/20 through 8/06/20): $96.32

WEEK 5 FUNDRAISER – (8/12/20 through 8/19/20): Live Now!


A Sticker Aside

Please note that stickers are available at and at local Seattle area breweries, taprooms, and bottle shops.  If you want to use the design for your own efforts or in your own area, please feel free, but we ask that all proceeds benefit one of the charities on the main sticker site.

This site and it’s contents, as well as the design, are released into the public domain.  We hope that it continues to spread the message that craft beer is a unique industry — we have chosen to stand up against racism in all its forms.

Craft beer isn’t like other industries.  WE DON’T DRINK WITH RACISTS.

I don't drink beer with racists. Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front